Valerie K. Clark

Managing Editor, Vascular Medicine
Freelance Medical Writer & Editor


I earned a bachelor of science degree in Zoology with a minor concentration in Environmental Geology from The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio (2008). Best time of my life! (Go Buckeyes!) During my college career, I spent many hours working with plankton, water and sediment samples, and penguins. At one point, I thought I would become an aquatic ecologist or wildlife veterinarian.  But after meeting my husband and having our first child, field work didn’t fit the picture. The life of a graduate student was not conducive to supporting a family, unfortunately. I turned down the opportunity to study deep ocean cores off the coast of Japan, and I took my first medical writing job. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the work and become hopelessly devoted to the editorial field.

After college, I worked as a regulatory writer doing drug safety reports for about 2 years. It was a priceless introduction to the medical writing. I began freelancing in 2010 with a gig to write 60 webpages about roofing and construction for an internet developer.  Not exactly my area of expertise, but it was a start.  I learned all about search engine optimization (SEO). I was fortunate to publish my penguin research in E: The Environmental Magazine in 2012. I continued to seek more advanced freelance opportunities and eventually got a long-term contract with ihealthSpot in 2014, and I’ve been writing medical website content, blogs, and social media ever since.  I’ve worked with hundreds of doctors in many different specialties and learned even more about SEO.  In 2015, I joined the Cleveland Clinic as a Managing Editor for a medical journal, Vascular Medicine.  I absolutely love this job.  It’s part time, which allows me to continue freelancing.

I’m a member of The Ohio State University Alumni Association, Freelancers Union, and National Professional Women’s Association.

When I’m not working, I play with my kids, snuggle with my hubby, experiment in the kitchen, watch movies, practice yoga, and pray (a lot).

To see my full CV or discuss a project, please contact me.

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