Why Hire Me?

I am a multi-tasking ninja.

At any given time, work-at-home moms (WAHMs) like myself are juggling kids, cooking, cleaning, errands, and two dozen other things during the work day. Both of my kids are boys, which means they are all about making messes, being noisy, getting rowdy, and breaking stuff. Still, I manage to work full time from the “comfort” of my home office, and I love every minute. It’s pretty amazing what a WAHM can accomplish with the power of a routine and a passion for success!

I’m based in the Cleveland/Akron, Ohio area, but my office knows no boundaries. I meet regularly with colleagues around the world via Zoom or Gotomeeting.

Highly recommended.

I have a long list of clients who I have worked with over the years who will happily recommend my editorial skills and professional service. If you check my LinkedIn profile, you’ll see a common theme in the recommendations I’ve received.  I go above and beyond.

Flexible schedule and pricing.

I keep a flexible schedule that allows me to accommodate last-minute emergencies. I can get started on a new assignment within 24 hours, if needed.  Typical turn-around times are 1-2 weeks.  My rates are also flexible. Pricing starts at $50, and I’m always willing to negotiate.

Dedicated to success.

Freelancing is how I earn a living and how I support my growing family.  I am 150% dedicated to doing an awesome job.  I always follow through on my commitment to deliver a product that meets or exceeds your expectations.  You can rely on me.

Specialized in medical and scientific communications.

Most professional writers or editors have a degree in English or journalism.  Not me.  I have a degree in zoology, and I studied many facets of life and physical science at The Ohio State University and University of Cincinnati during my college career.  I have a passion for research, and I consider publishing to be a form of art. Being a medical writer and editor enables me to work with some really interesting people who are involved in research and publishing at top hospitals and universities, such as the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University.

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