Branding is…

From a company’s logo to their website and everything in between, branding is the term we use to refer to the whole package.  With brand management, consistency is everything.  The logo, website, business cards, brochures, and all other marketing materials should have a cohesive design structure with an obvious theme.  That theme can be based on a certain image or color scheme that reflect the style and emotion of the business.

Mint Logo

Mint Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Think of branding as a first impression.  Giving customers the impression that your business concept is well conceived and unchanging is essential to radiate sustainability in the market place.  For example, if you’re business concept is unique and innovative, your branding package should reflect that style, but what business isn’t unique and innovative, right?  The trick is to hone in on the business’ greatest assets – just as you would when you’re selling your concept to a bank in order to get the start-up funds you so desperately seek.

Style is everything.  From the way we present ourselves day-to-day to the image we project on potential consumers.  It’s worth investing in style for your professional image – nice clothes, clean appearance, great attitude – these things go a long way in making a lasting first impression.  Think of branding like styling.  Dress your business in nice clothes, give it a clean look, and beam positivity from your logo design to your telephone greeting.

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One response to “Branding is…

  1. I hadn’t even thought about how my attitude ties in with my brand too! I’ve always wanted to spend an afternoon and just rethink my brand, so it’s how I want to present myself and so it’s also consistent. I’ve got to add that to my goals! =) Loved this post, Val!

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