Writer’s Market 2012 Outline

Download here: Writers Market 2012 outline

The ever-so-valuable Writer’s Market 2012 features articles packed with tips and advice and tools for writers to succeed in the magazine and book markets.  These are my favorite quotes selected from a variety of articles featured in the book.  I’ve also created a few spreadsheets to help keep track of submissions, business income and expenses, home office expenses, and a version of the writing calendar featured in the book.






Table of Contents

The Writing Entrepreneur (J.M. Lacey)
Negotiating tips for writers from an editor  (Robert Lee Brewer)
Contract Negotiation (Jane Choate)
Contracts 101 (Cindy Ferraino)
Making the most of the money you earn (Sage Cohen)
Record keeping and pricing (Daniel Dern)
Protect Your Data: 5 Steps to Do Right Now  (Tony Palermo)
Time Management and Organization for Writers  (Carol Silvis)

Submission Tracker
Business Income
Business Expenses
Home Office Expenses
Writing Calendar


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