5 Must-Follow Blogs for Freelancers

Launching a freelance career can be overwhelming, but it really is simple.  Anyone  with a computer, word processing software, Internet connection, and an entrepreneurial attitude can do this.  The number one piece of advice I can give is to market your talents.  When pitching an idea to a potential client, they are buying into you more than your idea, so always be transparent and let your personality shine through.

I wrote this blog originally as an email for a friend who wants to do what I do.  I told her to get connected with other freelancers, create a resume and cover letter template for freelance writing gigs, apply for online gigs every week, and submit queries for magazine articles at least once a month, develop some solid writing samples, and set income goals.  After writing the email for her, I thought there are probably more of you out there who would like to see this information, so here  it is.  If you’d like even more information and guidance  don’t hesitate to email me!

Here are 5 must-follow blogs for freelancers:

 Facebook 4 Freelancers (website: Freelance Writing; subscribe to Morning Coffee Newsletter)
All Freelance Writing (be sure to follow Jennifer on Twitter: @Queryfreewriter)
Freelance Switch
–And check out Leaving Work Behind, too.
–Almost forgot – Blogging with Amy — a MUST READ blog!

Oh, don’t forget about my Facebook page: Valerie K Clark,Writer (and twitter: @Go2Girly)

I suggest spending some time digging through all the content on these sites…but beware!  You will easily spend hours doing this.  lol. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to each of these blogs for updates by email.


In terms of setting goals and routines:

To help you determine your income/pricing goals, check out “Record Keeping and Pricing” in my outline of 2012 writer’s market

–I’m working towards earning a full time income on a part time schedule.  In 2011, I made about $500 per month.  In 2012, I made about $1200 per month on average.  My ultimate goal is to work Monday-Thursday, 8-6 pm (40 hours), and make $1000 per week.  My business has grown 200% this year, and I hope to grow that much in 2013 and 2014 to reach this goal.  When you are just starting out, I’d probably aim for $200 per month for the first 3-6 months, then increase your goal every 6-12 months.  You’ll be able to meet your goal by doing more gigs and increasing your rates, and expanding your services (I’m adding calligraphy in 2013!).

–Also, create a schedule and routine.  Decide in advance how much time you are willing to invest each week in your goals.  5 or 10 hours a week should be the minimum.   Try to earmark Tuesdays for applying for freelance gigs.  Pick a different day to work on magazine queries.  Spend the rest of your time on your own blog, completing assignments for clients, social media networking, and basic admin stuff (record keeping, tracking goals, etc.).

Question:  Would you like to see more posts like this?  Perhaps a monthly series on launching a freelance career as a writer, designer, or some other type of independent contractor?

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