New Ebook Published: Easy Jewelry Projects by Martha Obregon

Hi Friends!  A quick announcement letting you know that after a very looooong wait, Martha’s first ebook is finally published!

Martha is my neighbor and friend, and she’s mega talented when it comes to making jewelry.  She taught herself how to do most of the techniques, but her mom and brother have also inspired her to make unique jewelry designs.  In her book, 10 Easy Jewelry Projects for Every Season, she shows you how to master the simplest of techniques so you can make anything you want from the book!  Martha is also passionate about making paper beads, which she uses for bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more.  An easy-to-follow tutorial with pictures on how to make your own paper beads is included as well.

10 Easy Jewelry Projects for Every Season is now available at Amazon (kindle version) for $2.99.  It’s an electronic version of the book that you can download to your personal computer or mobile device.  If you don’t have the kindle for PC or kindle app on your mobile device, it’s a free app that you’ll need to download and install in order to view your purchase.  It’s easy, and the book is beautiful.

Get your copy today!  (Click here to visit Amazon)

Jewelry Ebook - FINAL - Cover


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