3 lists to live by in 2012

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Ahhh, that time again where everyone feels so optimistic about the coming year and declares they will change for the better.  What’s your resolution going to be for 2012?  Exercise?  Work harder?  Save money?  What will you do to make sure your positive momentum doesn’t fizzle out in February?

My recommendation is to set realistic goals that can be measured.  If you want to lose weight or save money, determine how much weight you want to lose or how much money you want to save.  Be specific and hold yourself accountable.  For big goals, be sure you write an action plan.  In other words, set smaller goals as baby steps to get closer to the big goal.  Having smaller rewards along the way will sustain your positive momentum and keep you moving forward.

My New Year’s resolution is to actually get together with the people I say, “Hey!  Let’s get together sometime!”  I’ll be putting names on my calender and making sure I schedule time to reconnect with old friends and associates.  Plus, I must I must exercise!  The benefits of regular exercise will ultimately help achieve a better me in 2012!  Read the list below and I’m sure you’ll agree!!!

Much of how I plan for success comes in the form of a list.  I’m obsessed with lists and crossing things off.  It gives me a great deal of satisfaction, and helps me stay focused.  Each list has 5 daily activities/reasons/reminders to keep me motiviated and productive.

5 daily activities to grow the business (inspiration from Dayna Steele):

  1. Wake up 30-60 minutes earlier <early bird gets the worm!>
  2. Read headlines and/or watch the news <scope out new material to write about>
  3. Contact at least one lead <consistency is key>
  4. Reach out to at least one old friend or associate <networking is good for the soul>
  5. Send a handwritten note to someone <don’t rely too much on email/technology>

5 daily types of activities to increase health and wellness (inspiration from MoodKit App Developers):

  1. Productivity <accomplish something each day to instill a sense of self-worth>
  2. Socialization <the support of friends and family is priceless>
  3. Enjoyment <remember to give AND take – do something you enjoy each day!>
  4. Physical <get active for 30 mins every day>
  5. Healthy Habits <eat right and regularly>

5 daily benefits of regular exercise (also mentioned in the MoodKit blog):

  1. Boosts mood, energy, and mental sharpness
  2. Improves sleep
  3. Enhances self-esteem
  4. Reduces stress
  5. Relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety

Some other cool things to check out for the New Year — Rescue Time App, Pomodoro Technique,  Zeo Sleep Manager, and of course the MoodKit App


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