Career goals for 2012

English: Picture I made for my goals article

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s that time again!  Evaluate your accomplishments from 2011 and your goals for new year.  Keep your goals measurable in order to keep yourself accountable.

The goals for my career in 2012:

Develop Go2Girly website as a go-to resource for entrepreneurs (business plan, branding, direction)

–spend 2 hrs/week on personal development

Establish venue for monthly scrapbook cookbook (hobby blog for cooking, gardening, DIY, etc.)

–blog once/week on new blog

Raise funds for epublishing projects

–2 books


Submit 2 queries/week to a variety of markets (science, business, hobbies, local, tech, medical)

Design infographics!

Expand design capabilities (wordpress, illustrator, in design)

Attend 2-3 professional networking events

Prepare for acceptance into a MS/MA online program

Purchase necessary equipment and software upgrades


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