Pretty Handwriting + Cool Fonts

I consider handwriting to be an art form.  While my casual writing style is messy and changes often, I can take my time and write beautiful cursive or even dabble in calligraphy.  My love for handwriting translates into a slight obsession for cool fonts. Handwriting can be useful for business, too.  Not only can I earn a few extra bucks by addressing envelopes by hand, but I can send a heart-felt message of gratitude to my friends and colleagues.  Nothing replaces a handwritten note, even if just says “thanks.”

And yes, this is another service I can provide for my clients!  If you’d like to see about hiring me to address envelopes for you, just drop me a line at valerie {at} valeriekclark {dot} com.  Thanks!

Here are a few images from my pretty handwriting album.

And a couple of my favorite fonts (this week):

“Melanie” (

“Hawaii Killer” (


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