Easy ways to build a genuine PR campaign

Read news headlines daily, and share something interesting via email or social media
– Think of certain people who might be interested in an article and contact them individually to share the information (very personal)
– Share with with current and past colleagues, as well as future colleagues

Connect with a friend (new or old) each week
– Schedule time to chat on the phone or a brief meet-up – and stick to it!

Random acts of kindness
– Send a random thank you note to someone amazing
– Give an unexpected shout-out on social media to a business you appreciate
– Mention a starving artist or young business in a blog post

Interact with similar businesses/bloggers
– Comment and share on facebook (facebook is emotional)
– Create a list of links to other fabulous blogs
– Promote business you want to attract to your blog for advertising/sponsorship
– Look for ways to elevate your website traffic through networking
Promote good causes
– Talk about more than just your niche all the time
– Promote causes that benefit working women, female entrepreneurs, bloggers, etc.
– Network with organizations/associations/publications that promote and support your market (blogging, crafting, etc.)



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